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I’m on to him….

Braidin looked at me today and told me that I looked bootiful.Then he proceeded to give me a really big kiss,and hug.He told me that he really loved me.And then he dropped the bomb.Can I have m&m’s mommy?At three my child has already figured out how to melt a womans heart so he can turn around and use the situation to his advantage.*sigh* I think they must learn this stuff in the womb.


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Tristin: mommy I am getting married.

Me:Oh yeah whens the wedding and am I invited?

Tristin:Sorry its during recess and you are to big to come to recess.

Me:Thanks Tristin.Were to do you plan on living?

Tristin:With you mommy because you are such a good cooker.

Me:I wonder if I can use that line on my mommy and move back in…lol

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Two little words…

Physic*l  th*rapy…..Oh joy….I start in February…Can you say I am so excited.As if all of this hasn’t been an inconvenience lets add something else.And to top it all off everything right now is self pay.Yes I am loaded no big deal.HMMMM yeah right.So this is my gripe for the day somebody hits you and you are inconvenienced by it.I just really want to scream right now.Not that it would really help.So besides being irritable,sore,and sensitive I am still trucking along….

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Is it just me?

I am so tired of the n*ws….Can we not find anything good about the world anymore?Everytime I turn it on somebody has been k*lled,busted for dr*gs,r*ped etc. and I am just tired of hearing it.I am scared enough as it is without hearing it everyday.It scares me to think about what the world will be like when my boys grow up.And if they have kids what will their children have to deal with?So I am boycotting the n*ws right now….I know go ahead and yell at me if you want to.I promise I can handle it.Sometimes I just want to hear that good people still exist.I want to hear about good things being done to help others.Is the world we live in that bad ,and the only thing left for us to focus on is all the horrible things that people do to each other.Sometimes I think that the cr*minals get off on seeing themselves on the n*ws.So we are just playing right into their little games.Sorry I know not a very uplifting post.Its just something that has been bothering me for awhile.So today I decided that I would boycott the n*ws for awhile and you know what?I don’t think I missed out on a thing.

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It’s a new day….

We accomplished so much today.We were able to pick up the rental,get new car seats,and talked to our l*wyer.Tomorrow will be my first day driving since the accident.I am having alot of anxiety over it.I know its silly,but I just keep thinking about the fact that the kiddos could have been in the car.Oh well its time to suck it up and get over it.It’s not like I can’t get away with never driving again.In other news Braidin is potty trained he got it in just a matter of days.I guess he finally decided he wanted to be a big boy.It makes me sad because as of right now this very moment he is the last baby.I asked him if he was still my baby and he said no mommy I am a big boy now.It brought tears to my eyes.They just grow up to fast.The kids are finally getting over the crud.Thank God…..It felt like we had that stuff forever.So to sum it all up its getting better and that’s all that really counts.

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She still ate her hamburger…

You know how I thought January couldn’t get any worse?Well I lied.I had a few things to do in town yesterday.Jason was home so he watched the kiddos.On my way home some lady smacked into me.Thank God the kids weren’t with me.She hit the whole drivers side of my car and pushed me into a curb…So do you want to take a guess at who had to go into ER?Yep me.My neck is now messed up and Monday I have to get her insurance to get me a rental car.Oh what fun.Jason is taking pictures of the car etc. So I will post some later.Anyways I am off to lay down again I hurt everywhere.Oh and btw she had just left W*ndys so she just continued to eat her hamburger.It wasn’t a big deal to her apparently.

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