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Drivers Ed take two???

Yep its official laugh with me if you want.Iam 29 and taking drivers ed again..Why you may ask?So I can have a special little knob on my steering wheel to make it easier to drive…yup fun times my friends.Our state is stupid…and yeah I have to retake my driving test also.Oh well atleast it is with my therapist at the hospital that I completely love..So in case you needed a laugh think 29 taking drivers ed and the think oh crap I have to totally take my driving test again and do maneuverability…


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Honking…because I love you

Driving has been real fun…yeah right..Sometimes when I am drivingĀ  I will eventually notice the knuckles on my left hand turning white.Ok I need to loosen my hold a little bit..Then my hand slips off.lol and here lately. I accidentally honk at everyone.So if you are ever in our town and you see a crazy lady trying to figure out how you hold onto the wheel,and she honks at you.Well now you know I am just honking because I love you….

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Those are nice….

It’s not a lie when I say all my life I have had body issues…It’s just one of those things.Motherhood woke me up to the fact that most people have something about their body they don’t like.Gall bladder surgery didn’t help the ego.I was lucky and didn’t get stretch marks,but now have five punctures marks on my stomach.I soon got over that.Then cue brain surgery…I was 116 pounds the day of surgery on my 5ft 3 inch body.Comfortable in my body and dreading surgery..After surgery when I was down I was down to barely hitting three digits on the scale..Meaning I really disliked my body…No chest,loss of muscle in the legs yuck…Now after walking the treadmill 3x a week and back up to 117 pounds I am starting to get comfortable again.So yesterday on the way out I wore a little tank top and skirt.J stayed in the car while I ran into the store.I had to wait for these guys to walk past me to get out of the aisle and behind them.One of the guys had a little boy in his arms.The little guy looked at me and waved,flirted etc.The man carrying the little guy said their you go,thats how you do it,pick the pretty ones with a nice set of those…cause those are nice real nice..all the guys were cheering him on.And me I walked away with a smile.Cause momma still got it going on…

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Follow this equation…

2 lilboys + 1 hubby = bathroom that smells like a urinal…It doesn’t matter how often the bathroom is scrubbed down,hosed down with smell good stuff,glade filling the air etc. I think the bathroom stinks.Finallt Sunday I had enough.I’m sure I know who is the culprit.I have caught him in the act several times watering everything,doing a little dance while peeing etc.But I didn’t want to single him out.Lets put it this way hubby dances but never while peeing,and Tristin is pretty serious.Figure it out?So Sunday everybody got a lecture including me offering lessons on proper pee habits.J of course raised his hand wanting help,but I told him he was on his own lol…So ladies for future ref. to mothers of boys make sure you have no carpet in the bathroom.Tile is hard enough to keep up with lol…So if you have carpet rip it up NOW….

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Whew ….

What a long day yesterday….My MRI lasted a little over 2.5 hours..Believe that gave me lots of time to think of those results.Afterwards we received the greatest news.I feel like a huge burden has been lifted.And by the way I want the pictures of everyone doind their dances…lol Thanks Michelle for updating..I have lots to say but I am still wiped out from yesterday.Oh yeah and the swelling is because I am trying to do to much.He said that it is still going to be a long healing time for me because of the severity of the operation..How can I slow down when I already feel like I don’t do anything..Monica I am praying for yourgrandma.Cancer is such a scary thing..Congrats go out to my friend Crystal who is pregnant with baby number 3 and will probably be buying pink this time since the u/s showed what they thought was a hamburger..Praying that everything goes ok this time with the delivery..Kayce glad you are back…

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This is Erica’s friend, Michelle, and I just got a call from Erica. As all of you know she has been very nervous about her MRI today to see if the cancer has returned or if it is anywhere else in her body. She’s exhausted right now (she didn’t sleep last night as you can imagine-she emailed her passwords to me at 1am!), but she wants everyone to do a happy dance like the video below for her (O.K. so I want everyone to do a dance like the one below for her).

or you can do one like this if it’s more your style:

She’s all clear!!!! She doesn’t have to go back for 6 months! When she does she doesn’t have to do a full body MRI (this one lasted hours!). She will just have to do one of her spine next time. She and her husband are going to get something to eat and head home. I doubt you’ll get a post from her tonight because she sounded exhausted, but you never know!

Do you know what this means?!! No chemo or radiation!!

Please leave her a comment to let her know you were checking up on her (even lurkers are welcome!).

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Bulletin Monday….

-Sorry for lack of posting I just dont feel good….

-Chas I keep meaning to tell you how good you look for carrying twins….

-Monica you are constantly in my prayers…

-Michelle I miss you

-Kristin you look adorable

-Kathy I can’t believe PJ is starting school…

-Thanks to Uncle Brian Braidi now sings tiny bubbles when he pees lol

-Tristin wants to know why girls pee funny

-I cant believe next month my oldest starts school full time were is the time going?

-I am totally flipping out about Wednesdays MRI and appointment…this will show alot…

-for whatever reason my neck swells up again when I get up and do things…to be honest I have been feeling really crappy again.

-I have driving privileges back….just have to be careful cause of the dead arm..

-I am a guiniea pig in therapy they have never had somebody with complete loss of sensation.sticking my arm in 110 degree stuff cant remember the name and I dont feel it…hmm pretty scary

-Wednesday will be a long day for us,so maybe I can talk Michelle into a post to give you results..Praying for no more cancer….ugh what a bad word

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