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Taken it easy…

Per hubby’s orders after seeing his wifey near tears from the pain last night I am sitting around…Long week my friends.First week of school and Tristin’s party.It went well,but I am just happy to have it over.We are soon adding a new addition to the family.Michelle’s hamster had babies so we are going to bring one home….should be interesting…I am still waiting on the camera software to be installed….hopefully it gets done before our children graduate from College.lol with J you  just never know.So how are you guys spending your weekend?


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All you can do sometimes is laugh through the tears…It’s not always rainbows around here.Recovery is just that and its a long,slow road.Here are some of the things that I have done lately that are just crazy.

_Thrown away meds. that I still needed.

_Thrown away all my earrings

_Put spaghetti jar in my left hand then proceeded to drop it on my foot and I am still dealing with a messed up foot now.And I know that I can’t hold anything in that hand.

_Dropped chicken and fries out of the oven.

History buff that I am could not remember our first president.

_Forgotten phone numbers that I have dialed for years.

And those are only a few of the things done lately….

Like I said sometimes a girl has to laugh through the tears.

_I just went to make Braidi choc. milk added the choc forgot the milk….

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Without a hitch….

He did it…We are now on day three.The first day was the hardest thing I have dealt with so far in parenting.Preschool was hard,but kindergarten is worse.Its a mixture of tears and pure terror.I mean my first born is in big kids school.The teacher sent home letters about things you can do to help make your child more independent…I am proud of Tristin for his independence,but part of me honestly wants to pull him back into my chest and never let go…Time goes by to fast.Honestly didn’t I just bring him home from the hospital? Tristin is doing great and loving every minute of school.He found out his girlfriend from last year was a late enrollment so she is in his class after all.Young love resumes.He even invited her to his birthday party.J still hasn’t installed my camera software he has been really busy so once its back on the computer I will overload you with pictures.Braidi is lost w/o his bubby being around to play.It is so adorable seeing him run to the door when he walks in.”Bubby I missed you soooooo much.Can we go play now?”Apparently I am not that fun.Who would have guessed?Anyways that all the non interesting things going on here unless you want to hear me whine about depression,anger,and pain?Didn’t thinks so can’t say I blame you.I am just trying to stay positive no more cancer for now!!Next scan in January who new life would come to this?

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So I have an addiction…

I have a problem….a big problem its called  I LOVE SHOES….And I love shoes with heals even more..My addiction is so bad that in physical therapy I had to bring my high heals in and learn to walk in them again..So you can imagine how excited I am about a giveaway at classy chaos…now that I am sharing with you head over and sign up…lol

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School days,school days…

My little man officially becomes a Kindergartner tomorrow…Is he upset about going you ask?Nope.Afraid of missing mommy?Nope.What you ask upsets him….The fact that we found out his little girlfriend is not in private school anymore.So he is upset that he won’t see her anymore.Apparently it was true love across cartons of milk in Pre school.All we have heard this past week was he couldn’t wait to see Ellie Grace.Sorry babe young love is hard.So I guess while I am nursing my heart break over sending my baby to school everyday,I will be nursing my sons first heartbreak over a girl.Oh to be young again…BTW  lots of pictures to post from first school day to our summer wrap up.J has to install all of my picture stuff for me since our hard drive died…and we had to replace it gee what fun…

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8-21-02 Happy birthday….

Your birth story is forever etched in my heart.Mommy was off the bedrest finally and allowed to go back to work on light duty.You had other plans that day.It started with some cramps and just not feeling right.Of course my boss was a man among several females so he was flipping out and wanted me out of the bank.HA ha I think he was scared of a baby being born in the bank.Daddy came and picked me up and we flew to the hospital.The Dr. wanted me to head to L&D since I like to scare everybody I guess.I was only around 3cm and my cervix was softening,but my blood pressure was through the roof.Normally mine is so low they think I am dead so this was cause for alarm.They really wanted for you to bake a little longer,but high blood pressure is not good.So the solution he came up with is a not so good of a friend called Pit. it started hard labor all at once.After increasing the dose several times and thinking I was dying they had a shift change at the hospital.That is never good not only new nurses,but I had a different Dr. from my OB’s office.He decided that they were stopping the pit. and sending me home.I can remember contracting so bad down the elevator out to the car.Nanny pleaded with me to go back up and demand that they check me because they hadn’t for such a long time.Nope I said.I was starving and sick.So mama and papa Ty took us to B*b Ev*ns and I still didn’t eat because the contractions were hitting one after another.We headed home.I tried to take a warm bath and laid in our bed.But you had other plans after moaning and rolling side from side daddy said he had enough..so away we went (with daddy driving I thought you would come in the car)lol.We starting calling the phone list telling everyone what was going on.Finally we arrived at the hospital again…I was contracting every few minutes with back labor the nurses had to hold onto my back and tummy because the labor was so bad in the back they weren’t showing up..I was 5-6 and they were keeping me.The shift change happened again and I had another new Dr.It was the female Dr that I loved.They ordered an epidural and let me just say I fell in love with another man that day.I was able to take a nap.At 12:30 a.m. I was 8-9 cm and my bag of waters was still intact so they broke it.Another little nap until momma scared everyone awake at around 3:20 a.m. with the announcement that I had to go to the potty..At the time I didn’t know this is what everyone was waiting for.Lights flew on,bed was tore apart and Aunt Ashley,daddy,mama Ty,and nanny surrounded the bed.Tristin Nathenial you were born at 3:45 a.m August 21,2002 weighing in at 5.8 and 17.5 inches long they placed you on my belly and daddy cut the cord.You were whisked away for some oxygen,but other than that you were perfect.Its hard to believe that you are six.When I look at you I see such an amazing little boy.You are so wise beyond your years,and constantly impress us with your knowledge of things.You have been playing alot of checkers with mama and can’t wait for someone to teach you chess.You are alot like me with seeing something done once and picking up on it.Sports comes naturally to you.You love to play soccer,golf and t-ball with daddy and uncle brian.You are a great big brother Braidi worships the ground you walk on,I am not sure who is going to be in worse shape with school starting me or Braidi.You have daddys big feet and are still tall and skinny.Only slims or adjustable waist for you.Girls envy your long eyelashes and your eyes are so dark they can look black at times.Daddy and I are so proud of who you are and the little man that you are growing into.Thanks for choosing us bubby.We love you..Happy birthday!!

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Romantic notions….

When I first found out about my pregnancy with Tristin I had thoughts of how perfect the pregnancy would be.I mean come on the one time we weren’t careful I was pregnant.people around me that were so beautiful pg and didn’t have one problem.But if you have read this blog for long you know that I apparently enjoy life being difficult.It started with the never ending vomiting,constant trips to the hospital to get hydrated,an irritable uterus and bedrest,a cervix that has a mind of its own and wants to drop the fetus out ASAP before its time and thats my first pregnancy.But you know what I somehow made it through twice with healthy babies.Some of us aren’t that lucky.And yes after all the hell J and I went through I consider us very lucky.Two healthy boys what more could we ask for.So if you are reading today please keep my friend Monica at still hopeful (link is on the side)and her son Sam in your thoughts.Yesterday was Sams b-day and no we aren’t celebrating his life.We are however celebrating how strong his mom is and how great she is.And hopefully we will be celebrating a live birth someday soon.Monica know that my thoughts and prayers are forever with you.You are amazing and strong and I really believe that you will one day hold a live baby.

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