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I am so busy….

Lots of stuff going on at the Ty house.Yesterday after therapy..Which was really fun because I had two people almost sitting on me and pressing on different pressure points trying to get the fist to open..and it never did by the way.I had a meeting with the head guy in rehab. itwas during our meeting that my drivers ed. instructor came in and notified me about my drivers lisc.We have been waiting to hear back from the state to see if they were going to make me take the whole test or partial…I haven’t heard.Apparently when my Dr’s office filled out the paperwork regarding my condition they didn’t get it sent to the state in a timely manner..,.So the state suspended my driving privileges whats funny about all of it is they never notified me that there was a problem..oh well its suppose to be fixed.The head guy is also a professor at our college and HE WANTS ME TO COME AND TALK TO HIS CLASS.So since he is riding  disabili*ty for me  I will help him any way I can.I have an appointment set up for the 12th to see the head guy of neuro.They are talking about boto*x injections in my neck to help with the spasms.I am scared to be honest and tired of being picked on..So thats it for the day heading back to the couch.The parts of body that I do feel,feels like two women were pulling and sitting on me..lol figure that one out I wouldnt know why.Have a good weekend…


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One for the medical journals….

Today I was told that the new Dr. in neuro. would have a great case from me.Apparently everything with me is so unique they are wanting to make it in the medical journals…Me unique this is so funny anymore..And guess who has a suspended license if you guess me you are right.My Dr.’s office didn’t get my paperwork filed in time.So now everyone is running trying to get it fixed..Fun day my friends…..

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 A meme from Monica because she loves my crazy life and I love hers lol….

Here goes: The whole idea is to answer these questions with one single word (or as few words as possible). Me few words should be very funny…hehe

1. Where is your cell phone? on the microwave
2. Where is your significant other? Next to me
3. Your hair color? auburn
4. Your mother? crazy
5. Your father? picky
6. Your favorite thing? little feet
7. Your dream last night? Running from a mad man
8. Your dream/goal? To get better

9. The room you’re in? Living room
10. Your hobby? pastime? Baking and reading
11. Your fear? Cancer
12. Where do you want to be in six years? physically better
13. Where were you last night? Home
14. What you’re not? physically better
15. One of your wish list items? vacation
16. Where you grew up? Ohio
17. The last thing you did? dressed boys in pjs
18. What are you wearing? Jammies
19. Your T.V.? On
20. Your pet? Sleeping…
21. Your computer? big
22. Your mood? tired
23. Missing someone? Always
24. Your car? black

25. Something you’re not wearing? A bra- freedom!
26. Favorite store? Old Navy
27. Your Summer? HOT
28. Love someone? Of course.
29. Your favorite color? purple
30. When is the last time you laughed? Earlier

31. Last time you cried? Thursday

Ok its your turn Michelle,Chas,Kristin

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Trick or Treat…

My ninja’s say Happy Halloween…and Braidi wants you to know that he would rather have the treat…

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Sometimes life is like…

A really bad tv show.You know the ones that are so ridiculous the only thing you can do is laugh.Yeah that were I am at.Laughing instead of the tears.I started therapy again and its pretty amusing.They are trying heat overlode.I lay down with heat in behind my neck and back.Then they spread my left arm out to the side and to keep my fingers open they put weight on it then the heat.Amusing right?Like I said laughing instead of tears.I guess after the surgery  so many things can still happen.Atleast I cant feel the pain in my fingers and arm.Other than that life continues as normal here.Apparently the man in charge thinks I am really strong.You dont get more than you can handle right?

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Thursday started as normal.I took Tristin to school then headed to therapy for the fitting of the splint.It all went downhill from there.I looked at the pt and told her how bad my neck was hurting.She sprung up out of her chair yelled for another pt and proceeded to rub my neck and back.I was having another spasm that was effecting my right side too.They were flipping out because everything along my neck and spine was bulging so bad.I was told to head straight to the ER.My mom came up and walked over with me.The decision was then made to get me to the big hospital and see my neuro surgeon.The big hospital is 2.5 hour away.The ambulance picked me up and we made it to the other hospital in 1 hour 15 min. J drove behind the ambulance he said we were flying.I was admitted and placed back on the neuro floor.Another full body MRI showed the same thing muscle spasm,and vert. 2 and 3 messed up.They released me today with another new muscle relaxer and a script for physical therapy again.We were told that this is pretty normal for the major surgery I had.My left hand is giving me major difficulties now my fingers dont want to work,loss of movement on my left side.My only thoughts now are worrying if insurance will cover the therapy again…Guess we will see monday.Thank God I am home…

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Oh no oh no…

It’s off to the specialist I go…A call to my neuro Dr. leaves me with having to make the three hour drive to see him.I am so upset.My hand his back in the fist.Tomorrow I have to go to therapy and have a splint? put on my hand to hold my fingers out.Thats right ladies falls must needed accessory is a splint.How wonderful.Tommorow I should hear back from neuro to see when my appointment is.I didn’t know that a bulging neck meant that a disc in my neck was messed up…on top of everything all I have to say is phoey…so I will update when I find out something…

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