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I’ve fallen…

Well it finally happened.I fell hard enough to scare the crap out of Braidi who was in another bedroom…hard enough to twist my ankle and bruise my butt…We won’t talk about the bruise my ego is suffering..lol..How can I even feel attractive right now…Thats it I don’t.I cant wait to get new clothes it always makes me feel better.Thanks Monica I got the package Saturday.It brought a smile to my face.I have something to get dropped in the mail for you also if I ever make it to our crazy post office..That place is crazy to get in and out of.Besides that Jason is my taxi driver.heheTrisitin has been out of school since Tuesday so tomorrow it will be hard getting in the routine again..Its hard to believe Dec. is here already.


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Have a Happy Thanksgiving….

From our house to yours hope you allĀ  have a very Happy Thanksgiving…We have alot to be thankful for this year and are counting our blessings…Now if that disability will go through I will feel even bettter…So have a great day everyone.

love the Ty family…

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Need help…

They are making up their minds today on my disability…could use all prayers and good vibes you can send our way..My neuro. Dr never finished his paperwork so that didn’t get sent in.Hopefully everything they have and we told them is enough..thanks

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Are you smarter than a Kindergartener?

Want to guess the little mans name that was in the newspaper for honor roll?Thats right Tristin made the newspaper.He is such an overachiever already he was upset because he had one b…Other than that he was excited to see his name.Kindergarten isn’t that easy anymore…Tristin is doing problem solving,addition,subtraction,multiplication,telling time etc.I cant believe the stuff they do anymore.I think I just learned to tie my shoes and ABC’S …how times change.

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Sometimes I just know things….

Yesterday was one of those days…you know the one where you get up and are instantly sick..I couldn’t place it.Something was wrong and I didn’t know what.I told J about it,but after telling him it wasn’t a feeling about someone we both wrote it off as stress.J learned a long time ago to listen when I had that feeling.Things usually happen,but yesterday thankfully all was well.It’s just been a long year.I know that I need to suck it up and get over it,but its difficult.Financially if we see another medical bill I will scream…I am so worried about Christmas.I know that I need to stay strong and it will all work out.It always does…And to be honest we haven’t been to church since before surgery…gasp…I just don’t have the go go juice for the early morning,or the strength to sit in a pew.Sitting for two straight hours would do me in..so I watch church on tv when I can.So thats it from me for the day 18 degree weather doing me in oh wait heat wave it is 30 now..

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Random Monday…

-It is snowing!!

-My oldest is me,but in a boys body.He is so nurturing and sensitive.

-Braidi will be the one that I get called to school for…he is rotten.The thing is he has daddys dimples when he smiles and your heart melts.

-I love this stage with the boys..but I still miss them being babies.

-Apparently I look bad.I ran into a girl I went to school with.She asked if I was okay because I looked really tired and she saw the splint.When we told her what had been going on her mouth dropped to the floor.Atleast I keep life interesting.

-The only thing J and I fight about is money…thats it

-If the disability is denied again I will make the long trip to the big city and proove my point by any means necessary.

-My lisc. is still suspended because of medical reasons…this is nuts I wish they would all get it together.

-I don’t know what to get the kids for Christmas.

-It sucks that I cant bake any cookies..yum cookies

-I have PMS does it show?

-Thank God for prozac I dont even want to know how bad the depression would be without it.

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As parents J and I think it is very important to teach our kids manners.Our kids say please and thankyou and we have always been complimented on how well mannered they are.It has also been important for us to teach the kids how people come in all shapes and sizes,colors,backgrounds.I can’t stand to see another person hurting.It bothers me in a way that I can’t explain.I was the girl that weighed 88 pounds my freshman year and stood up to a senior guy that outweighed me and towered over me in height.He was picking on a sophmore guy that had a really bad stuttering problem.I had enough of it one day and got between them.Everybody in our class went wild.A little freshman girl standing up to a popular senior guy..I’m that person the one that can’t stand for others to hurt.With that being said lets get to the story..we play a silly game in our house.Braidi walks around comparing bellys and butts.Laughing at all our different sizes…Not a big deal we know that he is not meaning it in a bad way.About three weeks ago Braidi had to come with me to therapy.Keep in mind that my mom works at the hospital and knows everyone.We were waiting for me to get called back and watching people walk bye in the hall.All at once Braidi pipes up…look mommy she has a big butt.Now I will be honest it was the biggest butt I have ever seen,but thats not something you say.Braidi didn’t mean it in a bad way he just compares butts,daddys bigger than mommys,Braidis the smallest.It was one of the momens I wanted the earth to swallow me up.Braid I said you hurt peoples feelings by doing that,she is probably crying…He started crying I’m sorry mommy she just has a bigger butt than us…Oh my parenting 101 things to never do at home..When therapy was over we went to see my mom who already knew what happend.Everybody in her department was laughing because according to the it wasnt a lie she does have a big butt…

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