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First day of Soccer…

The season began…and oh what a cold day.Tristin and his team did great and he loved every minute of it.And Braidi he found a little mud hole to play in with his little buddy…so besides being cold it was fun.Tristin scored 2 goals and his team won…What a great team…so let the fun continue


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Welcome soccer season…

Well its started..Soccer season that is.We are going full swing.Tues/Thurs practice Sunday games.Tristin is pumped and ready to go.He loves every minute of it.Braidi plays with his soccer ball on the sidelines he will start playing next year.Its funny seeing that competive edge in my children already.Tristin wants to be the goalie he loves the action at the end of the field.Its so fuuny to watch him.So Sunday is the first game,so Sunday I will have pictures of my boy going strong lol…

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The truth behind marriage

Dear boys,

from the start of everything daddy and I said we would always tell you the truth.And thats what we have done.Even when cancer rocked our world last year we where honest.So now comes some more honesty.Mariiage isnt easy.Its the hardest thing ever.Daddy and I reached a patch lately that we didnt think we would work through.I even left my best friend for a week.I pulled you guys from your daddy and the only comfort you have ever known.It was hard on all of us,but it was an eye opener that daddy and I needed.We love each other.We are lost w/o each other.We have lots to work through but we believe we can overcome it.If you walk away with anything from this conversation I want it to be that marriage is hard,it is a challenge,sometimes you don’t think you will survive,you will want to give in at times,but know that if you love somebody enough you can work through it.At times you wont like the person you are with,you may resent one another but deep down you will rediscover your love for one another and figure out how to communicate with one another.Never shut the lines of communication down…its the glue that ties you together.Keep in mind that know matter what we will always be here for you guys…we love you

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Mommy/daddy boys…

Its funny watching our kids anymore.You can tell what kind of mood they are in just by seeing who they want.In a mood to rough house/play thats daddy time.Nobody can start the giggles like daddy.From horse back rides,wrestling to flying  its all daddy.Having a bad day,need a cuddle,not feeling good,fall down or just want to talk its mommy time.Its amazing to watch their little personalities come out.Tristin is my reader…anything he can get his hands on or a new fact and he is busy absorbing it like a sponge..Braidi oh  Braidi something to be said fpr dimples on a little boy as he giggles.He is always busy absorbing ways to make others laugh.It is the highlight of his day when somebody laughs with him.Both boys are little nutures..they cant stand to see anybody cry and are quick with little hugs,kisses and I love yous.One thing can be said from all of this they will be great husband material.Any boy that treats their mommy how mine treat me says something about their feelings for others..They are quick to turn on lights,fetch water,cover you etc.and they feel great about helping out.For now they still love putting clothes away,and stripping their bed..I am enjoying  it while I can because I am sure it wont last..They are growing like little weeds…I am still wondering where Tristins long legs come from.My uncle is 6.7 and daddy is almost 6 ft..to bad mommy didnt get any height lol….my dad is even over 6  ft..We had to start buying 7 slims for Tristin because he has shot up so much…Braidi is now in a size 5 because his 4 are to short…his legs dont look that long though but before to long I am sure they will both tower over me…so for now when questioned the boys respond with mommy/daddys boys atleast they like us both…teen years creep faster everday..lol

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