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Humor for the day…

Braidi and I headed to the Doctors today..as we where getting settled mommy on the table Braidi in the chair he looked at me.Mommy if you are a good girl for the Doctor she will give you a sucker when you are done.So be a good girl mommy and remember only one sucker…..hmmm I think he has maybe heard this a time to many lol…


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Instructions not included….

Of all things in life thats hard you are not warned how hard parenting can be.Basically you are sent home with a new life and no instructions.You are left to figure it out on your own or sometimes get much guided advice from parents.You are not told what works for one child prob. wont work on another.They have different personalities,wants,needs.Now we have started into different stages yet again.We no longer have babies or toddlers.No we have little boys.Little boys that can make up their own minds.All we can due from this point is guide them and pray that everything we are teaching them stays with them and helps them make good choices in life.And to be honest it scares the crap out of me.What if we mess up or don’t teach them enough.Life already has so many what if’s and we are at another cross roads of them.So and so can do this…and then words leave my mouth that I swore I would never tell my kids words uttered from my own moms lips time after time.Well so and so is not my child.*Gasp* yes I said it and its right I know its right.We have fought to long and hard to get them here to just let it go in a split second.So I guess its final we have turned into our parents…oh the irony hehe

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Some things have been brought to my attention.Things I dont like.Things I havent prepared myself for…my boys they are growing up.And I cant do anything about it…Tristin is bringing home numbers from his little friends.They want him to call them.He is 6 what on earth do they have to talk about???And it flips me out,because before long it will be girls.Girls calling my house to talk to my son/sons…no I am not ready…I am not ready to start letting go …how did that lil baby start growin up so fast…and the excitement on his face when he told me he got  to tour the first grade…And Braidi the excitement in his face when he talks about starting school..Time is slipping away so fast and I cant figure out how to slow it down…

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Looks like we’ve made it…

One year ago today boys our world as we knew it changed…mommy underwent a surgery w/o knowing for sure what those results would be.I came out of it a changed person…we have all changed because of it.In all honesty I think it made you guys grow up faster.Your mommy went from doing everything to barely doing anything…It’s been a long journey for all of us,but we all banded together and have become stronger from it.You are both amazing with how freely you give hugs,kisses or even words of encouragement.I cant tell you how proud that makes mommy/daddy to know we are raising such great lil men.You have gotten really understanding with mommys bad days…and we all take advantage of the good days.We have started walking as a family..our first walk was about 1.5 miles not bad for the first time,we are also very busy with the soccer scene,and will soon be busy enjoying the pool.So this year is starting to getter better.We are finally figuring mommys situation a little better and are starting to learn how we can possibly keep things as normal as possible for you guys.So thankyou for loving me unconditionally and standing by my side like the little troopers you are..I love you guys

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Game day….

Well Tristin another game today,and since I am your mommy I get bragging rights….Let me start by telling you how proud we are of you.The game was 3-0  with your team winning.And those three goal where scored by you…yes you scored all the goals.Along with todays game came a life lesson.It was hard for me to know that you noticed what you did.You never miss anything Bub.Nothing goes undetected by you.During the game you heard a parent on the other team screaming at their child and the screams werent of the good kind.In the car on the way home you where talking about how mad that dad was.You couldnt grasp why a parent would act that way.We talked to you about wining and loosing.About how as long as you are having fun we dont care if you win or loose.Its a game and its ok to loose…We explained that some parents just dont understand that it is all about having fun.And he was in the wrong for acting the way he did…So out of  a day of fun we hope we left you with a valuable lesson that will help you in life.We are proud of you and so honored to be your parents….

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In need of mom pants…

I really hate the low rise pants…I like it when they sit right below my hip bones ,but no farther.So the low is usually ok the super low and I have words.I was reminded of this today.I was scrubbing the stove when Braidi walked by.I felt tugging on my pants.Braidi looked at me and said he was helping me because he saw crack.lol oh joy

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