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Time flies…

Oh this momma has been bad…what can I say its been a long winter.Lets start with boys update and go from there.Braidi you started preschool and have a love for everything related to school.The stories you tell me after school are the highlight of my day.You continue to grow in leaps and bounds.This will be the first season you are signed up for soccer so between you and your big brother we will be living at the soccer fields…

Tristin first grade has been another great year for you…You are staying steady with A’s,however the one thing your teacher pointed out was you are your own worse critic.You are to hard on yourself lil man its ok to make mistakes thats how we learn so slow down.You love reading and everynight reading with you is a special experience.

The mover never had to happen…we got lucky and Jason ended up with a great job only 7 miles from home.On the Cancer fron I had another scan WHEW still clean a couple more slipped disc and muscle spasms but hey I will take that over Cancer any day….


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