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Inner reflections…

I really have a hard time with winter.I love the snow dont get me wrong,but I reach a point when I just need to feel the sun.Feel it on my face warming up my joints.I get tired of the cold,the nakedness that comes along with winter.The being confined in the same placeĀ for long periods of time literally makes me climb the walls.So today I self diagnosed myself..its called winter blahs…please let me survive it.Because change is in the air at the Ty house and I see it coming faster and faster.Making my brain spiral out of control.Its a change that takes me away from my comfort zone.Takes me away from all I have ever known.If it happens it will be a good change for many reasons,but it also leaves my lil family all alone in a life boat by ourselves.And it scares the crap out of me.But for him and a better future for our family I will take Xan*x pull on the big girl panties ,and put a smile on my face…


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